Miscellaneous tools

These are all small php scripts I created for some purpose. You may find them useful.

Proboards Posts Per Day

This can be used to see any user's average posts-per-day statistic for a proboards forum. The forum does not have this statistic built in.

Set Viewer

This can be used to view series of pages in sequence. It will only work for pages which do not use leading zeroes. Simply replace the page number with a * in the Location box and then use the left and right arrows to change page.

Fred the proxy

This is a very basic proxy. It was made while I was in school in order to download files blocked by filters. So, it will literally only download the file you ask for - it will not attempt to fix any references in it, so HTML pages will usually not work.

MD5 sum of any string

The smallest script, all it does is call PHP's md5 function to hash whatever you send it.

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